What happened to 2017
Time seems to fly by nowadays. Maybe I’m just at that age? Lol! Last year was really good year for me. I did a lot of travellling & did some gigs in some amazing places. Middle of the Pacific Ocean comes to mind. Thank goodness I was on a ship at the time!
Right from January last year, my trip to Los Angeles then Hawaii & eventually Tahiti with Oceania Cruise Lines, went really well. Then I had a couple of weeks at home & a couple of “must do” gigs (Irish & Welsh Rugby weekends) before heading off to Cape Town for the second year running. After that, there was a short trip to Rome & a spot on the Med before heading back to the African coast.  

December 2017.
Once again it was a privlege to be asked to prform at the Hibernian Supporters Clubs’ Xmas Party. Especially in the year of winning it! What a great night! A big thank you to the Staff & the unsung heroes of “The Committee”.

September 2016
I thought it would be hard to beat my Las Vegas trip last year where I watched my all time musical hero John Fogerty playing all his hits at the Venetian Theatre on the strip.
Followed by my appearance on stage with “Train” singing their version of “Don’t stop Believing”! Who knows what’s next?





August 2016
For me personally, I was really busy after my return from South Africa. Cape Town was a blast! A big thank you to Antoinette & Gert for their wonderful hospitality. The birthday party was a very up-market affair & the main act for the evening was a band called Watershed! They are a big act in Cape town & have 8 albums under their belt. For some reason it was deemed best that I should follow them. After my stint I cheekily thank them for being my warm- up act. Most people saw it as a joke but the guys in the band didn’t seem too pleased. Oh well. Lol! Since then I’ve managed to purchase a couple of their albums & they make great listening.
I was asked to do a couple of support slots during the Edinburgh Fringe festival. These were great for me, as it was back to just me with a guitar doing my Greatest Hits! Eh, yes well, ok, some of my self penned material. Here’s a clip from my support gig at Fringe by the Sea in North Berwick. Still lots of local gigs coming up. You can find these here on my Event Page.
Cheers Dougie



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