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Happy New Year! I just got back from Thailand & had to hit the ground running with two gigs my first weekend back. On Saturday doing my “Roy O” tribute & then played guitar with the wonderful “Fayne & the Cruisers” at the Leith Dockers 60’s roadshow alongside the “Hipple People”. The cruisers are one of the best bands around so it was quite an honour to be asked to play guitar with them. I had filled in on vocals with the guys before but to be asked to fill in on guitar was really something special for me. Wow! I really enjoyed it & it was great experience.
was wonderful again. I played 5 gigs during what is really a holiday for me & they all went really well. I didn’t arrived home until the 8th February which meant I couldn’t do the 6 Nations match at against Ireland at Murrayfield Wanderers. But never fear……….
Riversdale Suite
I’m really looking forward to doing my usual stint at the temporary home of Murrayfield Wanderers club for the Welsh Weekend on March 9th at the Riversdale suite. If you want to come along to the gig on the 9th March, get in touch & I’ll arrange entry for you. 
I will be home  for February , March & April & have some gigs already in the diary with a few dates still to be filled. So if you’re looking to make a booking just click on the link for the contact form
Fags n’ Matches
I’m glad to say that “Fags n’ Matches” will be back at the Maybury Casino on Saturday March 2nd 2019. Tickets are now on sale & the price includes a buffet meal. You can get tickets directly from Maybury Casino by calling 0131 338 4444. Or send us an email using the contact form by clicking here.


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