Thanks for stopping by the page of Dougie McQuillan Entertainer / Singer / Musician. I hope that you can find everything you need to know about me & what I can do for you. On this site you will find details of events (gigs), music & friends that I am involved with. You should also find posts about what I’ve seen & done on my travels plus, some of the shows & entertainers I follow & have seen over the years.

Apologies to anyone who has tried to contact me through this site recently. I have just found out that my domain host – UKC names has not been forwarding my emails for the past 10 weeks! I was wondering why my email had been so quiet!? UKC gave no warning that there was a problem with my address – [email protected] so I’ve had to revert to my Virgin Media address [email protected] until I find a new host. You can now contact me through the contacts page by clicking here. This is the first time I’ve had a chance to update the page since I got back from Italy. Sad news is that my next trip away has been cancelled so I will be here May & June. So I’m trying to pick up some last minute gigs at home.  If you are on the look out for some entertainment you can find the contact form by clicking here.
The Big “O” Show: My tribute shows to the legendary singer Roy Orbison are going down really well & starting to gain a lot of interest. I now have a page dedicated to just these shows, including some videos from previous gigs. I am intending to do a tribute to his “Black & White Night” with a full band later this year. I’ll try to keep you posted about that…… when I calm down a wee bit……. Lol          Check out the Tribute Page by clicking here.

Riverdale Suite: I did my usual stint at the temporary home of Murrayfield Wanderers Rugby club for the Welsh Weekend on March 9th at the Riversdale suite. Once again great night was had by all! There will be a fund raiser for some of the team heading to the World Cup in Japan later this year. The date has still to be arranged but I’ll keep you informed.

Home: I will now be home for August 2019, so I’m really looking forward to the Edinburgh Festival. I was away for the Fringe last year & really missed all the fun. I love the fringe festival & go to see as many shows as possible. I’m intending to post a few show reviews on the site so keep checking in for what’s my “Best of the Fest”.

Fags n’ Matches: Thanks to everyone that came along to the “Fags n’ Matches” gig at the Maybury Casino on 2nd March. It’s great to see all the fans that have supported the band from their heyday of the 60’s & 70’s & It’s great that the band is still going after all this time. Our next event will be on the 31st July at the BMC club. I’ll let you know when our next event is taking place.

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