Fags n’ Matches return to musical roots at Maybury

Fifty years after they first appeared at the Maybury Roadhouse, legendary local band “Fags n’ Matches” are to return to the venue where they were resident in their heyday. Formed in the mid-sixties “Fags n’ Matches” were best known for winning the Hughie Greens “Search for a Star” talent contest in 1972. At the roadhouse – now the Grosvenor Casino – next Saturday the band will headline a caberet-style event playing a variety of iconic hits from the 60’s & 70’s. “Fags n’ Matches”reformed in 2011 some 35 years after they last played together & have been gigging ever since due to popular demand. Recalling their finest moment winning the the grand prize – a Carribean Cruise, bassist Roy Martin 66 said “It was a great thing at the time! I remeber the venue was packed & we had quite a noisy support in the audience. They announced third place, then second, and we thought we had lost out, then they said, “this years winners are Fags n’ Matches” Afterv that everybody was jumping about like they’d scored in the cup final!”. Looking ahead to returning to “The Maybury” drummer Colin Bellett, 70, said It’s such a pleasure for us to return to The Maybury. We were the resident band before it became a Casino, so we have lots of fond memories of the place.” Tragically the band lost original guitarist Jimmy Ackroyd to cancer last year. Bellett said “It;s a fitting tribute to Jimmy’s memory yo keep playing wher we first performed as a band. We’re mostly retired now, so doing this keeps us busy & energised. We all love performing so much & we don’t let our age get in the way of that.” Original keyboard player has since moved to to England but the current line up still features three original members: Bellett, Martin & singer John Miller. It was Miller, 75, who came up with the name of the band. “I was working in Fife at the time & there was a labourere that used to come in with his Fife accent & say “Whaur’s ma Fags n’ Matches? Whaur’s ma Fags n’ Matches?” “I thought, it’s a stupid name, but I thought it would stick in peoples minds – and to this day, I’m in the supermarket & people go ” You were the singer with Fags n’ Matches.” Two new recruits Dougie McQuillan on guitar & Eddie Logan on keys, retain the five piece line up. Tom Docherty, general manager at the Grosvenor Casino, Edinburgh, said “We pride ourselves in hosting entertainment we know our customers will enjoy. Having a local band as iconic as Fags n Matches return is a true privilege”

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